Misją IPM jest kompleksowe zarządzanie procesami innowacyjnymi i komercjalizacja wyników prac badawczo - rozwojowych, zwłaszcza w dziedzinie informatyki i ekologii.
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About us and our offer

  • Innovation Process Management

  • Information Security Management and Business Continuity Management

  • Preparation of Development Strategies and Analyses

  • Commercialisation of Scientific Research Results

  • Management and Administration of Projects

  • Business Expansion with the Use of EU Funding


The area of IPM Ltd business activities comprises complex consulting services oriented at:

  • Commercialisation of scientific and research work results,
  • Organization and management of projects, especially the ones using EU funds available in Poland and abroad,
  • Evaluation of programmes and projects,
  • Preparation of development strategies,
  • Analyses, research and technical services, with particular stress on information technology, telecommunications and ecology.

IPM Ltd was established in 2008. The company founders have many years of experience in management of scientific and research organisations, stock exchange listed companies and in public administration bodies operations. They were, among other things, initiators and co-founders of the first private research and development centre in Poland, and leaders of large investment and development projects.

The team of specialists working within the IPM structure consists of professionals whose experience in the areas covered by the company’s activity substantially exceeds the company’s time of operation in business, and whose high competences are repeatedly confirmed by successfully completed projects.


Commercialisation of scientific research results

Development of organisational structures supporting commercialisation of scientific-industrial consortia and clusters:

  • Consulting services and cooperation in organisation of scientific-industrial consortia and clusters;
  • Consulting services and cooperation in creation of research and development centres, technological parks and industry incubators;
  • Consulting services for organisation of dedicated companies and joint undertakings.

Organisation and development of commercialisation processes for research work results:

  • Organisation of technology transfers from the R&D area to industry operation;
  • Organisation of implementation processes and entailed cooperative connections.

Evaluation of research and development work results:

  • Technological audits;
  • Analysis of research and development work results and their classification;
  • Evaluation of intangible assets.

Organisation and management of projects

Analysis and recommendation of opportunities for using EU programmes and other sources of investment and development funding for clients by:

  • Constant monitoring of EU programmes and other funds;
  • Working out models of projects and financing sources most advantageous from the clients’ point of view.

Complex organisation of projects subsidised from EU funds and other sources, as well as preparation of appropriate application documentation:

  • Searching for business and scientific partners according to the chosen project model, followed by coordination of their cooperation on application documents;
  • Financial structuring of the project;
  • Development, in cooperation with the client, of applications, feasibility studies, business plans, scope of work and expenditure schedules, and other documents constituting in the application documentation of projects;
  • Monitoring of the project evaluation process by the financing institution.

Consulting services in the area of management and administration of projects (assuming the function of a project engineer), including:

  • Organisation of the project management structure, following the best practice examples;
  • Administrative and financial management of the project, complying with the applicable regulations;
  • Preparation of bidding documentation (specifications of essential order requirements, detailed descriptions of the order subject-matter);
  • Development and validation of administrative and financial documentation of the project (reports, payment applications);
  • Cooperation in contacts with the financing institution;
  • Training within project management and accounting;
  • Complex project management as ordered by its beneficiary;
  • Project audits.

Consulting services within effective management of project results, including:

  • Internal technological and documentation audits;
  • Management of intangible assets arising from, or purchased during, project execution;
  • Maintenance of project results in compliance with the requirements for projects subsidised from EU funds.

Evaluation of programmes and projects:

  • Preliminary (ex-ante) evaluations, on-going and mid-term evaluations, final (ex-post) evaluations;
  • Global, subject and detailed evaluations;
  • Formative and summative evaluations.

Analysis, research and technical services:

Development strategies for enterprises and institutions:

  • Preparation of development and transformation strategies for enterprises and institutions;
  • Consulting services in implementation of development strategies and management of changes.

Development of information society:

  • Working out strategies and analyses for development of electronic services in public administration sector;
  • Development and evaluation of concepts, assumptions and descriptions of projects in the e-administration area.

Information security management and business continuity management:

  • Information security audits;
  • Implementation of information security management systems;
  • Business continuity management systems.

Analysis of research and innovation potentials.

SEMTECH Science and Industry Centre

IPM is a co-founder of the SEMTECH Science and Industry Centre, started with the Institute of Mathematical Machines from Warsaw, the Institute of Innovation Technologies EMAG from Katowice and 2CONN Ltd from Sosnowiec. SEMTECH activities focus on initiation, execution and commercialisation of national and international R&D projects’ results from the area of information technology, and particularly in public administration electronic services.

EKO-INNO-TECH Science and Industry Centre

Together with the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas from Katowice, IPM has set up the EKO-INNO-TECH Science and Industry Centre. The Centre operates in environment engineering area, particularly water, wastewater and waste management. The scope of its activity includes developing concepts and analyses, initiating and executing research and development projects, commercialising the results of such projects, as well as organising training seminars.


Information Technology Companies:

  • 2CONN Ltd (Sosnowiec);
  • ABG SA (Warszawa);
  • Asseco Poland SA (Rzeszów);
  • Bull Polska Ltd (Warszawa);
  • Scientific and Industry Centre ICT Ltd (Katowice);
  • CENPORT Ltd (Gdańsk);
  • Infovide-Matrix SA (Warszawa);
  • Intergraph Polska Ltd (Warszawa);
  • one2tribe Ltd (Michałowice);
  • Sputnik Software Ltd (Poznań).

Other companies:

  • Biosynergia SA (Warszawa);
  • Spyra Primo Poland Ltd (Mikołów);
  • Upper Silesia Gas Industry Company Ltd (Zabrze).

Scientific units:

  • Information Processing Institute OPI (Warszwa);
  • Institute of Innovation and Information Society Ltd (Warszawa);
  • Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal (Zabrze);
  • Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (Warszawa);
  • EMAG Institute of Innovative Technologies (Katowice).

Public institutions:

  • The National Centre for Research and Development (Warszawa);
  • The Silesian Centre for Information Society (Katowice);
  • Regional Specialist Hospital in Olsztyn;
  • Municipal Transport Board in Rzeszów;
  • Municipal Transport Unit Ltd in Jelenia Góra.

Non-governmental organisations:

  • Polish Information Processing Society (Warszawa);
  • Silesian Sport Society (Katowice).

Government and local administration:

  • European Commission (Brussels);
  • Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Warszawa);
  • Polish Ministry of Finance (Warszawa);
  • Puławy City Hall;
  • Rybnik City Hall;
  • Radlin City Hall;
  • Pawłowice Commune Council;
  • Mykanów Commune Council;
  • Puławy County Office;
  • The Marshal Office of the Silesia Region (Katowice);
  • The Marshal Office of the Mazowsze Region (Warszawa);
  • Regional Employment Office in Rzeszów.
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